Automatic Clipping Machine


FUJI FW 3400B (Alpha Wrapper VII)



Capacity: Up to 250 packs/min
Cut-off length: Up to 430mm
Product size: Width Up to 140mm; Height Up to 100mm
Wrapping film: Width Up to 450mm; Outside diameter Up to 300mm
Motor capacity: 5 AC servo motors
Power Consumption: 200V 3.685kW


The Fuji FW 3400B Alpha Wrapper VII is one of our top-selling food packaging machines for wrapping and sealing attractively, efficiently and hygienically. This high-speed stainless steel horizontal wrapper machine features a strong frame, box motion and optional direct drive for tension control of food packaging film rolls.

Standard features of the highly technical food packaging equipment include a color LD display, high pressure for consistent seal quality, programmable schedules and timers, and a smart safety control system and troubleshooting manual.

Energy-saving heat sealers use a new waterproof IH heating system which reduces costs and product changeover time by achieving a much quicker, accurate temperature response. The openly-constructed Fuji FW 3400B Alpha Wrapper VII body allows rogue product crumbs to fall through the packaging, and the frame can be raised 17cm for easy cleaning.

This food packaging machine is one of the best in HK, allowing you to pack all kinds of goods like cakes, fruits and vegetables of various sizes fresh for your customers. We also stock quality European vacuum packaging machines and Oxymove oxygen absorbers from China. Try or these methods to help preserve foods and prevent oxidation, discoloration, decomposition, mold, insects and aerobic bacteria.

Here at Euro-Asia Packaging Co Ltd we stock professional food packaging material and machines to assist with various food production lines such as packing, making and baking food. You just need to come to one place here at EA Pack to equip your supermarket or food merchandising business!

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