Vacuum Packaging Machine


Henkelman Boxer 42


Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 420 x 180 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 528 x 493 x 440 mm
Seal bar (L): 420 mm
Pump capacity: 21 m³/h
Machine cycle: 15-35 sec
Table model
Durable and efficient high quality
Stainless steel housing
Stainless steel deep-drawn vacuum chamber
Transparent lid
Easily removable wireless sealing bars
Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height


This best-selling Dutch model vacuum packaging machine is one of the best available in Hong Kong. The Henkelman Boxer 42 will extend products’ shelf life, retain freshness and aroma and prevent them drying out. It is the perfect machine for a restaurant, supermarket or catering business.

Standard features of the modern table-top vacuum packaging machine include a full range of vacuum and MAP packaging options and a deep drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber. There’s also digital control with time control and a 10-program memory and a Busch vacuum pump with its own maintenance and cleaning program.

The robust Boxer 42 complies with food safety standards and offers standard Soft Air to protect the product and vacuum bag, while the insert plate helps to speed up the cycle and product adjustment.

We stock vacuum packaging machines as well as Oxymove oxygen absorbers to keep food products fresh for your customers and preserve of all kinds of goods in various sizes of packaging. Use these methods to help prevent cakes, fruits and vegetables and other foods from oxidation, discoloration and decomposition, as well as free if mold, insects and aerobic bacteria.

Here at Euro-Asia Packaging Co Ltd we stock professional food packaging material and machines to assist with food production lines such as packing, making and baking food. You just need to come to one place here at EA Pack to equip your supermarket restaurant or catering business!

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