Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine


Fuji FW-77


VFFS technology (Vertical Forming, Filling & Sealing)
Right or left-hand design
Allow side-by-side operation utilizing a single feeding system
Smooth, accurate, high-speed operation
Servomotor film drive
Max. 100 p/min
Conversation style touch panel
Computer stores last 50 stop faults for troubleshooting


This vertical Fuji FW-77 form-fill-seal bagging machine features a conversation style color display touch panel mounted on the compacted vertical wrapper which helps for seamless understanding between machine and operator.

Together with the robust servomotor film drive, the continuous-motion, automatic plastic packaging machine offers uniform, error-free, smooth, high-speed operation to keep food products fresh for your customers.

The display shows the production counter, cycle time, efficiency and plastic packaging film length used. Meanwhile the computer remembers the last 50 reasons for stopping the machine, helping to facilitate troubleshooting and error prevention.

This plastic packaging machine is perfect for food industry and production businesses including restaurants, supermarkets and catering. With VFFS technology you can package any food in including chocolate, candy, sausages, snack foods like karinto and arare, and many types of cake such as mochi. The machine is also suitable for powdered products like instant coffee, cocoa, flour, powdered milk and more.

As well as plastic packaging machines we also stock vacuum packaging machines and oxygen absorbers which provide extra preservation for different products. These methods help prevent foods from oxidation, discoloration and decomposition, as well as free if mold, insects and aerobic bacteria.

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